Thursday, December 18, 2008

monogram mania

I love this! On the wall or dance floor. I am currently looking at where to find one and how much they cost. Has anybody used one? I can't decide if I like a single letter or standard monogram. 

found at Lucky Designs blog


Anonymous said...

yes, we're totally gonna rock the monogram anywhere we can. i'll be ordering from -- best prices i've found so far.

Mcrae1021 said...

Instead of monogram, we're doing more of a "logo" that my friend is designing. We'll use it on the welcome information, koozies, etc. I love monograms though - I think it's neat when you use all three letters and use both you and your husband's first initials

Mcrae1021 said...

Also - I was looking on and thought of you...they were listing different customs of countries around the world...look at the one for Ireland:

A bride sews an ornament in the shape of a horseshoe into her dress for good luck, or she may carry a horseshoe in her bouquet.

I thought it would go great with your theme!!

The Palm Gifts said...

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WF said...

Contact your local theatrical lighting company... These projections are called "gobos" and are probably MUCH less expensive to gte from a theater supply (and projected wiht a standard theatrical lighting instrument) then going through a specialty "wedding" vendor.

P.S. Much love to Dolfingers. I love their new website and online gift registry :-)

Adrienne said...

I have just stumbled across your blog - very cute and I love finding other KY brides! YAY!

We are planning on doing a monogram as well. I think they add a little something extra and we need to dress up our dance floor anyway. :)