Saturday, November 15, 2008

best wedding venues in Kentucky

Headley Whitney-Lexington
I am in love with this place. It was my number 1 pick IF I was brave enough to do an outdoor wedding. I am to chicken and August in KY is not pleasant! I decided to have my bridal portraits here though. I took the first pic myself. How fabulous would this be for cocktail hour in the garden? The second pic I found on the Knot. The photographer is Red Tree out of Louisville. 



I am a southern bride blogger too!!

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Adrienne said...

First of all, that place looks incredible!!! Any bride would love to have pictures taken there, and yes a cocktail hour there would be divine!

Secondly, we are getting married in August as well so the weather is definitely a consideration - outdoor wedding is out! I would be freaking out anyway.

archana said...

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